Professional Services Providers

For professional services providers, the cloud represents a potential windfall. Despite the enormous promise of cloud computing, the vast majority of business applications have yet to be moved to the cloud because migrations are difficult. Until now.

CliQr provides an intuitive solution that helps professional services providers migrate their clients’ applications onto any private, public, or hybrid cloud, and offers a customizable platform to manage application, infrastructure, and users with complete governance. The result is streamlined client engagements with improved margins and new revenue streams for cloud services practice.

Professional Services Providers

In addition, professional services providers can offer cloud advisory services using the CliQr CloudCenter™ platform, which enables providers to perform benchmarks across all clouds and cloud configurations, both during the initial deployment and on a continuous basis thereafter, to ensure clients are getting the best price/performance for their applications.

CliQr CloudCenter offers the following features to professional services providers:

  • General Features
    • Brand-configurable: CliQr branded or white label.
    • Publishable Application Marketplace that can be used to create custom catalogs for individual customers.
    • A rich set of reusable Application Profiles to speed and ease initial migrations.
  • User Management
    • Configurable CliQr feature set.
    • Registration, login, activation, and account management.
    • Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.
    • User, application, and cloud activity reporting.
  • Licensing and Billing Management
    • Definition and administration of application licensing/subscription.
    • Usage reporting, enforcement, and billing by user, compute hour, or job.
    • Prepaid subscription bundles.
    • Promotions.
    • Refunds and credits.
  • System integration
    • API integration.
    • Incorporate Chef/Puppet scripting.
    • Utilize existing images.

As additional flexibility, you can either use our public SaaS instance of CloudCenter Manager or have your own private installation.

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