With an understanding of how the CloudCenter™ product works, it becomes clear how the platform can be utilized to solve different use cases and become an essential tool for managing applications in the cloud for a number of audiences.

Use Cases

CliQr CloudCenter solves five common use cases:

  • Hybrid Cloud and Bursting—CloudCenter provides the ability to optimize hardware resources in a hybrid environment by seamlessly moving workloads between private and public clouds, offering flexibility to meet peak capacity needs anytime.
  • Development and Test—IT departments can use CloudCenter to give developers the ability to create VMs on any public cloud for dev/test, subsequently deploying applications to production environments without any cloud-specific scripting or modification. Utilizing the governance features within CloudCenter, IT can implement this as a self-service, giving flexibility to development teams while maintaining central control.
  • High Performance Computing—With infinite on-demand resources of public clouds and relatively small provisioning and maintenance costs, CliQr enables businesses to easily parallelize workloads on the cloud for vaster processing of data for batch, big compute, and big data jobs.
  • IT as a Service—With the strong governance features in CloudCenter, coupled with the Application Marketplace functionality, IT departments can easily create catalogs of pre-tested applications that line-of-business teams can deploy themselves on clouds of IT's choosing. Billing and metering tools within CloudCenter then enable IT to accurately create chargeback reports.
  • Cloud-Delivered Thick Client—CliQr solves the problem of large desktop applications that previously had to be installed multiple places within an organization. Fewer licenses are required in a model where the thick client application is installed once on the cloud and then shared among many users. While most of these thick client applications were not built with the cloud in mind, CliQr's profiling mechanism makes it easy to cloud-enable these apps so that they can be easily shared.


CloudCenter typically appeals to three kinds of organizations:

  • Enterprise—CliQr improves business agility by leading the IT as a Service transformation for the Enterprise. CliQr's CloudCenter provides a host of capabilities for IT departments to build mutli-cloud or cross-cloud applications, utilizing runtime management and governance around role-based access control that includes user management and departmental chargeback.
  • Software Providers—Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) utilize CliQr to SaaS-enable existing products, thereby expanding addressable markets. The out-of-the-box licensing, billing, and reporting options give ISVs flexibility to how they charge their end customers and the Application Marketplace makes it easy to accelerate new revenue opportunities with a SaaS-based offering.
  • Professional Service Providers—CliQr helps Professional Service Providers institutionalize client engagement by using CliQr provided software Application Profiles, along with a rich set of APIs and a SDK for cloud engagements. In addition, Professional Service Providers benefit from enhanced services such as cloud brokering and benchmarking.
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