Most methods for deploying applications on a cloud result in cloud lock-in. While many deployment vendors speak of “multi-cloud”, these approaches involve additional efforts from cloud-to-cloud and/or provide no visibility or management of the application on the target cloud. The very modifications that enable an application to run successfully in Cloud A (special coding to meet cloud API requirements, specific VM images, and/or modifications to the application itself) make that same application unable to run in Cloud B, or not without a lot of work.

A better deployment approach is to encapsulate cloud-specific functionality in an abstraction layer, which is exactly what the CloudCenter™ Orchestrator does. Installed on each major public cloud, and installable on your private cloud, the embedded knowledge in the CloudCenter Orchestrator makes public, private, or hybrid deployments easy.

Public Clouds

Public Clouds

Move your applications from an on-premise bare metal, virtualized datacenter environment, or any public, private, or physical cloud to or between one or more public clouds without cloud-specific scripting, re-coding, or creating VM images. Public clouds supported include: Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud Services, IBM and Rackspace.

Private Clouds

Move your applications and run on private clouds. CliQr adds value to private cloud environments by:

  • Providing a feature rich runtime management dashboard for private clouds.
  • Segregate and manage cloud workloads between private and public environments without changes to the application. An example: dev/test on a public cloud, then move to a private cloud for production.
  • Fluidly move existing public cloud applications to a private cloud.
  • Move application workloads from an on-premise bare metal environment to an on-premise private cloud without migration.

Private clouds supported today include OpenStack, CloudStack, and VMware.

Physical Clouds

Physical clouds, whose API-based provisioning is similar to traditional public and private clouds, eliminate the hypervisor layer and provides automated access to a complete physical machine from a pool of bare metal servers. Such an approach delivers impressive and consistent performance to applications but still requires application deployment, management, and governance assistance like any other cloud environment.

CliQr is proud to support Cisco's UCS Manager and Rackspace OnMetal private clouds

Hybrid Clouds

CliQr allows businesses to optimize the use of one or more combinations of private or public clouds based on ever changing needs. Real world enterprise deployments can be complex. CliQr makes it easy to view and manage cloud environments as a true extension of the enterprise, while the boundary between the enterprise and the cloud functionally is transparent. CliQr enables applications inside the firewall and on the cloud to work together as one.



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