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CliQr's groundbreaking technology makes it fast and efficient for businesses to move, manage and secure applications onto any private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

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Model, Deploy and Manage

CliQr CloudCenter is an Application-Defined Management Platform that securely provisions infrastructure resources and deploys application components and data across more than 15 datacenter, private and public cloud environments.

Model Once

CloudCenter makes modeling applications fast and efficient. A broad variety of application profile templates and integrated service library make it easy to model new or existing, simple or complex applications in a way that is cloud agnostic. Just drag-and-drop service components into the graphical topology modeler and click to submit.

Pick the Best Cloud Execution Venue

Now you can know before you go. On the cloud, price and performance are inextricably linked. Knowing one without the other is of little use given inherent tradeoffs and changing cloud landscape. The CloudCenter platform automates benchmarking the price, performance and price-performance index of each actual application, simultaneously across any cloud, instance type or provider, so you can pick your target before you deploy.

Deploy Anywhere

No more forcing applications to conform to infrastructure. CloudCenter supports more than 15 datacenter, private cloud, and public cloud environments. One-click automated end-to-end provisioning of compute, storage, network and security, as well as deployment of your application stack components and data. All based on the specific needs of your application, its use case, or lifecycle phase e.g. development, test, stage, and production.

Manage with Runtime Policies

Gain operational efficiency as well as visibility and control by using a single platform to manage applications in different environments. You can set run-time policies to automate scaling, aging, as well as hybrid-cloud bursting and HA/DR actions.

Unified Administration and Governance

Use one management and orchestration solution across all your datacenter, private and public cloud environments. Admin features deliver single pane of glass visibility and control of applications, clouds, and users as well as financial plans.

Tag-Based Governance

Granular role-based access control separates user actions from administration and governance of clouds, tenants and users accounts, as well as financial controls. Powerful tag-based governance give users flexibility to add tags to their deployments based on use, without needing to understand underlying policy details.

Unmatched Security

No other cloud management solution matches the security features of CloudCenter. It provides extensive capabilities including granular user identity management and authentication, user- and application-level network isolation through security profiles, AES256 encryption of data both in motion and at rest, an architecture that uses FIPS-compliant cryptography as well comprehensive key vaulting and management that puts customers in control.

Financial Controls

Use a wide range of financial plans to set and enforce spending controls for different tenants. Granular metering and reporting by cloud, user and application also includes virtual machines, compute hours and budget bundles.

Customizable Service Library

Modeling applications is easy because CloudCenter service library is pre-populated with commonly used OS images, databases, middleware, message busses, load balancers and both application and web servers. But you can also customize services, import images, or transform existing cloud formation templates.

Application Marketplace

Applications, once profiled, can be published to both public and private Application Marketplaces as well as third party service catalogs. The ultimate in IT self-service. Users can one-click deploy infrastructure and applications based on access control and governance tags including clouds, geographies, security levels, compliance certifications and more.

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