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CliQr's groundbreaking technology makes it fast and efficient for businesses to move, manage and secure applications onto any private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CliQr CloudCenter?

CliQr CloudCenter™ is an Application-Defined Cloud Management Platform that allows users to easily deploy and manage any application on any supported datacenter or cloud. CloudCenter gives IT admins unprecedented visibility and control across the boundaries of applications, users, and clouds.

Q: What is CliQr used for?

CliQr supports a wide range uses for enterprise IT organizations, from simple application migration, to DevOps automation across various cloud environments, and dynamic capacity augmentation within or between clouds. CloudCenter also provides the foundation for a comprehensive hybrid IT as a Service strategy.  

Q: Who uses CloudCenter?

CloudCenter is an enterprise-class platform that provides a secure, scalable, extendable, and multi-tenant solution for the most demanding IT organizations and cloud service providers.

Developers - CloudCenter boosts productivity and decreases time to market with automated provisioning of fully configured application stacks. No longer do developers have to learn each underlying cloud or manually install and configure environments.
DevOps Engineers - CloudCenter plays a foundational role in an integrated tool chain with automated SDLC workflows. Engineers can automate the deployment of builds and environments at multiple steps in a continuous delivery flow that may use a mix of datacenter, private cloud, and public cloud resources.
IT Operations – CloudCenter increases operational efficiency and improves visibility and control by delivering a single management and orchestration solution that works across multiple applications, clouds, and users. IT can deliver speed and agility for users, while also controlling costs and ensuring governance control of infrastructure and applications.

Q: What problem does CliQr solve?

First Problem- Infrastructure automation and application automation are typically separate. One tool deploys infrastructure. And another deploys and configures applications. As a result there are separate infrastructure and application separate processes and teams.

Second Problem– Software-Defined APIs and services are different for each cloud. They differ across virtualized datacenter, private cloud, and public cloud environments, so the software-defined layer is cloud specific. This means that both the infrastructure team and the application team have to create scripts or workflows specific to each target infrastructure environment.

CliQr CloudCenter is the only solution that combines infrastructure and application automation requirements in a single profile, and abstracts unique APIs and services for each deployment environment. CloudCenter supports fully automated deployments in any environment. But it does so while eliminating the need for cloud-specific scripting and orchestration.

Q: What is unique about CliQr’s approach?

CloudCenter provides a single-platform solution with unique application-defined technology that abstracts the application from the underlying cloud environment, and ensures that the infrastructure adapts to meet the deployment and management needs of each application.

The power of CloudCenter comes from its unique and patented application-defined technology. The solution combines a cloud-agnostic application profile, which defines deployment and management requirements for the infrastructure and application stack, and a cloud-specific orchestrator, which deploys both the infrastructure and the application using unique API and cloud services available in each environment.

Q: What application types does CliQr support?

CliQr supports a variety of application types such as common web application stacks (Java, PHP, .net, Ruby on Rails), high performance computing, Big Data applications (Hadoop), high-volume batch processing, desktop applications and enterprise application suites (Oracle EBS and SAP ECC) and many others. CliQr provides Templates and common application services such as web application servers (Apache Tomcat), databases (MySQL), etc. to make it easy to model simple or complex Application Profiles.

Q: What clouds does CliQr support?

CliQr currently supports 7 datacenter and private cloud environments such as Cisco UCS Director, VMware vSphere and vCloud Director, and OpenStack.  And more than 10 Public Clouds including Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, NTT and Softlayer.

Q: How is CloudCenter delivered?

CloudCenter is available both as a service that is hosted and managed by CliQr (Software as a Service) and as dedicated installations that CliQr customers can install and manage on their own. Both options allow managing private and public clouds.

Q: What security features does CloudCenter provide?

CloudCenter is a secure platform with several built-in security features such as database encryption; secure key management, HSM integration and fine-grained multi-user access control. In addition, CloudCenter also provides features such as data encryption, network isolation and ability to securely manage and delegate cloud accounts between multiple users and tenants. A summary of security features can be found in the Architecture White Paper.

Q: How is CloudCenter priced?

CloudCenter is priced as an annual subscription. The subscription amount is tiered based on the maximum number of concurrent Virtual Machines under management. CloudCenter dedicated installations are priced similarly with additional annual license fees for dedicated CliQr software installation components – CloudCenter Manager and CloudCenter Orchestrators. CliQr pricing includes maintenance and support. CliQr also provides detailed training that is affordably priced based on audience and location. A summary of delivery options, support, and training services can be found in Support and Services Overview.

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