CliQr Frequently Asked Questions

What does CliQr do?

CliQr enables businesses to quickly and efficiently PROFILE, BENCHMARK, MANAGE, and GOVERN applications onto and between any private, public, or hybrid cloud without the need to modify the application or create cloud-specific scripts or VM images. CliQr's CloudCenter™ platform provides an intuitive dashboard that manages the entire lifecycle of an application on the cloud, including on-boarding, benchmarking, deployment, and the complete runtime management of one or more applications on one or more clouds.

For more information, see How It Works.

How is CliQr better than image or script approaches to cloud application migration and management?

The cloud migration and management market includes many vendors. The other two primary approaches can be grouped into script-based and image-based camps and each has a weakness.

Script-Based—Script-based approaches require the customer to create custom scripts using an environment such as Chef or Puppet. These solutions often involve significant migration efforts and recoding of parts of the application. While multi-cloud migration is offered by most vendors, in most cases migration using this class of tools means remigration of the application.

Image-Based—Image-based migration tools move entire VM stacks (application, DB, OS, etc.) a layer at a time to a cloud. While this provides good portability, the complexities of communication between the layers still requires either manual intervention or scripting, which makes for difficult long term management of the migrated solution..

How CliQr is different- CliQr's perspective starts at the application, not the cloud. Our Application Profiles describe the infrastructure needs of an application in a cloud-agnostic way. Our back end Orchestrator component, which runs on each cloud, then interprets that description and provisions virtual infrastructure on the target cloud taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of that cloud. The result is the benefit of best practices on each cloud without sacrificing portability.

Who uses CliQr?

CliQr's target market includes (click through for more information)

Can I get a dedicated installation of CliQr?

Yes! For customers with smaller needs, CliQr has a multi-user SaaS version of the product. For customers with more elaborate requirements, all CliQr components are installable as a dedicated installation as well.

What application types does CliQr support?

CliQr supports a majority of applications for Hadoop, high-volume batch, parallel computing, web apps (Java, PHP, .net, Ruby on Rails), cluster computing, and multi-step workflows such as those in enterprise application suites (Oracle EBS and SAP ECC) and many more.

For a full list of supported types, see our Application Profile page.

For examples of supported types, visit our App Store.

What clouds does CliQr support?

See our Clouds page for a current list.

How secure is CliQr over public clouds?

CliQr uses proven security technologies to provide complete end-to-end security on clouds. CliQr encrypts all your applications and data on clouds when in storage or in transfer. All cloud keys are securely managed using an encrypted database that can be unlocked only by our platform through your CliQr password. Your data and keys cannot be accessed by anyone other than you (including the cloud provider or anyone inside our company).

For more information, read our complete security white paper.

Am I locked-in to CliQr once I deploy an app?

No. CliQr is unique in that it does not require modifications to the application nor are we a container of any kind, so your application remains in its original construct. If a customer wants to move away from CliQr, "unmigration" is not necessary. This is NOT the case with other migration approaches and tools that require migration onto the cloud and remigration onto other clouds or back to a native on-premises state.

How is CliQr priced?

The SaaS version is priced based on peak concurrent VM usage and available as a monthly subscription at 1-3 year terms. The dedicated installation version is additionally priced for the software licenses of the components used, which includes maintenance and support.

What is a CloudBlade™ interface computing platform?

Software as a service (a remote computing platform) that enables applications profiled using CliQr to achieve unmatched portability. CloudCenter Orchestrations communicate with each cloud through a CloudBlade™ interface platform customized for the API and intricacies of that cloud.

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