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#VMworld Day 2 Recap

Tuesday marked the second full day of keynotes at VMworld 2014 and, as promised during the day 1 session, the bulk of the presentations centered around the end user computing pillar of VMware’s strategy. The new EVO push also got some time on the prime stage as well.

Sanjay Poonen and End User Computing

VMware EVP Sanjay Poonen laid out the sub components of their end user computing strategy into three important parts: desktop, mobile, and content, all of which are based on the company’s SDDC strategy and workspace services:


In particular, the subject of having a virtual desktop experience on any device anywhere you want was detailed further with a specific use case of a doctor, who might start her day at a desk, walk down a hallway and use a table, and have patient consultations on a thin client, all of which is delivered as a common experience through VMware software.

The virtual desktops involved get de-provisioned in between sessions using some unique technology to retain state and reducing overall data center workload in the process. Other VMware innovations extend the security bubble, in this case involving HIPPA compliance, beyond the physical building the doctor is standing in to another location where other physicians can see shared data. Not only was this use case an impressive discussion of recent Desktop-as-a-Service innovations, but it also showcased yesterday’s announcement involving NVidia enhanced high resolution streamed content.

Raghu Raghuram, more EVO and new vSphere features

Expanding on remarks made during Day 1 regarding VMware’s new EVO play involving fast time-to-value private clouds, EVP Raghu Raghuram discussed the Rack initiative that promises to deliver private cloud at scale in under two hours. Similar to the Rail product set that delivers smaller clouds in 15 minutes, the Rack offering is larger scale at still an impressive turnaround time.

New vSphere features were also presented that improved fault tolerance options and workload portability across data centers in different regions.

Until next year

With the major company announcements completed, the exhibit floor remains open through Wednesday and other activities through Thursday at VMworld 2014. Given the rapid rate of change in this industry, next year’s gathering promises to be very different with more innovations to be presented.

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