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TechRepublic Q&A with CliQr EVP Dave Cope


In case you missed it, TechRepublic recently published a Q&A with our own EVP of Corporate Development and CMO Dave Cope entitled, “One cloud for your enterprise doesn’t cut it.”  The conversation centered on why enterprises are turning to multiple clouds as the cloud landscape matures.  Here’s an excerpt:

TechRepublic: What are main challenges that IT faces in managing cloud applications, and how does CloudCenter solve them?

Dave Cope: Again it goes back to the diversity. An HPC batch job needs different infrastructure than a steady state marketing web site. Dev/test workloads have more variability and are a better fit for the elasticity of public cloud than production workloads are. Sometimes an organization wants to protect data behind a firewall and run on a private cloud, while other times they want to take advantage of rapidly improving public cloud features. Some users are sophisticated and very technical while others are not. Dealing with all that diversity is what CloudCenter really excels at given how portable we make applications across any cloud and with all the governance and management tools we provide.

Check out the full article for more insights.

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