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Powerful New Features Included in CliQr CloudCenter 3.2.6.x, Part 2

The latest point releases of CloudCenter 3.2.6 add powerful new capabilities that expand the breadth and depth of CloudCenter features. Versions,, and include updates to both CloudCenter Manager and Orchestrator, as well as support for new cloud services, architectural changes, security enhancements, and API updates.




CloudCenter Manager

Security Updates

  • Tenant Administrators can prevent tenant users from resetting their own passwords. See Specify Tenant Password Rules for additional details.
  • If the admin resets the password for a user and the user logs in for the first time, the new password is displayed in the User Management page. See Reset User Password for additional details.

Cloud Provider updates

  • Azure
    • VM Naming through a callout script: You can customize the node name using a callout script. See Deployment Workflow Callout Scripts > The vmNamingCalloutScript for additional information.
    • Node details were not listed when performing application benchmark tasks on Azure. Effective CloudCenter, the node details are listed for completed jobs. See Benchmark for additional information.
    • Single cloud service per deployment: All deployed VMs are associated with the same Azure cloud service.
  • AWS
    • CliQr provides the ability to add metadata attributes at the node level in addition to the deployment level. As part of the enhancement, a VM naming callout macro is implemented on a AWS CCO and the custom VM name maps to the value of the tags with key ‘Name’ for the launched VM. This custom VM name is also displayed in the ‘Name’ column on the AWS console for the launched VM.
  •  VMware
    • CliQr places the VMware library to the same cluster as the original image location. To place the image in a different cluster via the CloudCenter platform, use the Resource Pools option in VM Ware and call these Resource Pools during the Job Run/deployment process (see Deploy the Application for detailed information).  
    • CloudCenter provides a fix to include VMware cloud provider-specific exception (ManagedObjectNotFound) observed occasionally if nodes are not provisioned when you launch multiple nodes simultaneously.
  • Google
    • The callout script option for IPAM integrations is now available using a backend configuration process for Google clouds in addition to VMWare, Azure, and AWS clouds. See Deployment Workflow Callout Scripts for additional details.

New APIs

Updated APIs

Release Notes:

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