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Micro-segmentation and More in CliQr CloudCenter 4.1

Hot on the heels of the CloudCenter 4.0 release (4.0 release article), CliQr is proud to announce even more functionality in version 4.1. Advanced security features are even easier to deploy, and this version streamlines upgrade from 3.2.x deployments.

application-defined cloud management micro-segmentation

The new capabilities are very powerful and useful addition to the application-defined technology that combines application and infrastructure in a single deployable profile. With version 4.1, managing your cloud with security operations like micro-segmentation and utilizing dynamic networking in Cisco ACI has just gotten even easier. And upgrading agents in place can be done effortlessly, to streamline customer upgrade from 3.2.x deployments .

Application Profile Updates

  • Micro segmentation of services: When modeling a multi-tier application in the topology modeler, instead of service ports being open from all addresses, only connected tiers will be able to access each other. When the CloudCenter Orchestrator deploys the application tiers in order based on modeled topology, firewall rules are created dynamically so that only connected tiers can communicate with IP address of other connected tiers. This new feature supports even easier integration with Cisco ACI (Cisco ACI integration article). See above illustration.
  • Custom parameters to storage deployment: Custom parameters , a CliQr feature that allows flexibility in how user deploys an application profile, can now be applied to storage devices. If needed, user can be prompted to select storage options during during deployment.


  • ACI integration setup screen: From the cloud configuration screen, you can now configure your Cisco ACI integration by enabling the functionality and providing ACI credentials. For more information, please refer to our previous ACI article HERE


  • In-Place Agent Upgrade: If upgrading a CloudCenter system from a 3.2.x that includes running production workloads that cannot be turned off, 4.1 will allow you to upgrade the agents of those machines in-place and not require a restart of the machines. For more information on upgrading your agent, please see the documentation HERE.

Release Notes


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