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@GigaOm Webinar Poll: Workload Orchestration and Placement Key to Hybrid Success

During the webinar we put on with GigaOm last week, there was an interesting poll taken during the session that revealed what leaders in large Enterprise IT organizations think are keys to success when implementing a hybrid cloud.  Attendees included people from companies such as Jet Blue, Ericsson, and FedEx and ran the full gambit of cloud experience.  When asked what their current cloud status was, the results were as follows:



So, quite a few experienced folks there to go along with a healthy sample of people still evaluating.  When asked what they thought the biggest challenges were when implementing a hybrid strategy, their thoughts were interesting:


Orchestrating workloads between clouds seamlessly was the top concern, coming in at 37.5%.  This emphasizes how crucial portability of workloads is when choosing a cloud management platform.  As you may know, this is core to CliQr’s approach where the infrastructure needs of an application are described using our Application Profiles and then provisioned natively without in-line interference by one of our patented CloudSmart Orchestrators that runs on individual target clouds.

Just as revealing was the second most popular answer, figuring out which workload runs best where which was the top choice for 21.9% of the respondents.  CliQr’s benchmarking feature really shines here, which allows an organization to run applications on different potential target clouds in parallel, resulting in a price-performance graph that can be used to make an informed choice for workload placement.

Learn more about how CliQr CloudCenter can help migrate, govern, and manage workloads across multiple clouds.

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