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Webcast – Six ways to extend vCenter with CloudCenter

For those that can’t make it by the CliQr booth (# 801) at VMworld, we’re hosting a webcast sneak peek of what we’ll be demoing at the show.

We’re busy getting ready for VMworld 2015, starting August 30 in San Francisco. CliQr has a lot to offer VMware customers. Register for the webcast on Aug 20th at 10AM PST to see how many ways CliQr can extend your vCenter deployment.

The CliQr Application-defined Advantage

– VMware hybrid cloud is positioned as – “Any Application. One cloud. Any Device.”
– CliQr is positioned as – “Any Application. Any Cloud. One Platform”

See the difference? CliQr is a cloud management platform that works with more than 15+ datacenter, private and public cloud environments. It’s application-defined approach combines infrastructure templates and application blueprints into a one application profile that can be deployed to any environment. One platform creates a management fabric that extends across all on- and off-premises environments. The combination of one profile deployed and managed anywhere using one platform increases agility, but maintains visibility and control, while reducing costs.

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CliQr extends vCenter. Any Application. Any Cloud.

With such broad cloud support, it’s not surprising that we have multiple points of added value for VMware customers.

  • Works with vCenter
  • Works with vCloud Director
  • Works with vCloud Air
  • Works with VMware Integrated OpenStack
  • Works with NSX

But we also support Cisco UCS Director, CloudStack, and all other major public cloud providers.

You have 5 vCenter-based datacenters and want to deploy infrastructure and application stack from a single profile? No problem. IT in North America wants to use vCloudAir. But employees in Asia want to use Azure China? No problem. Those in Australia want to use IBM Softlayer? No problem. Those in Europe want to use AWS? No problem. You want one platform to manage the mix of applications, clouds and users? No problem.

With CliQr, you can give users what they want, when they want it – with multi-tenant, rules-based governance that keeps IT in control of who can do what, and where. And powerful cost control plans and bundles give you the flexibility to make sure users don’t break your budget.

Now you can get the benefit and flexibility of hybrid cloud and leverage your vCenter investment, without the headache related to full private cloud projects, or without being limited to a “one cloud” hybrid cloud strategy.

Webcast and VMworld sneak peek

With CliQr, you get the “gain” without the “pain”. Here’s what we’ll cover in both the webcast and demo at our VMworld booth.

1 – Virtual Machine on demand – easy integration with a service catalog like ServiceNow, custom IT front end, or use CliQr’s out-of-box enterprise marketplace. Users get self-service on demand without needing vCenter access. And without having to submit a ticket. IT delivers speed and flexibility, but also controls who, what and where workloads are deployed.

2 – Any application stack on demand – One click deploy fully configured infrastructure and application stack – including database, middleware, application and web servers, load balancers, and more. Easily model each application profile that includes both infrastructure and application topology. You no longer need to manage both infrastructure templates and application blueprints. One profile does it all.

3 – Application stack to any cloud – One profile can be deployed to vCenter, vCloud Air and vCloud Director environments, as well as 10 other public clouds such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute. Each application profile can be deployed to any environment. There is no cloud specific scripting. No developing orchestration workflow. One platform works across all these environments.

4 – Application stack with NSX – Deploy application stack with pre-set firewall rules to an NSX managed environment, and get additional network level security with improved machine level and network level efficiency. CliQr makes it easy to get the most out of your NSX deployment.

5 – DevOps OpenStack or AWS promote to production – deploy a cross-environment DevOps workflow with development and test workloads deployed to cloud (AWS, VMware Integrated OpenStack), and then promoted to staging and production in your datacenter. One deployment and management solution is used for all SDLC phases, and across various datacenter and cloud environments, minimizing time wasted troubleshooting environments.

6 – Datacenter migration and optimization – simplify the complexity of managing and mapping images across multiple vCenter deployments, across multiple vLANs, and to support operations at scale. Each application profile includes a logical image that can pull from local repositories to various vCenter instances in order to avoid duplicating creation and maintenance of higher level objects.

What makes CliQr an especially powerful addition to vCenter?

  • Fast time to value – Deploy your 1st application stack in minutes or days – not months. CloudCenter can be delivered as either a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution or a traditional on-premise packaged application. Deployment does not require a lengthy professional services engagement. Many customers achieve successful proof of concept, or deploy their 1st application in just days – not weeks or months.
  • Integration and Extensibility – Mature REST API for both user and admin functions simplifies integration with your existing environment. Utilize existing front end like ServiceNow, or integrate with Jenkins for instant developer environments, or IPAM systems in production.
  • Enterprise-class Platform – Single built-for-purpose platform is not a suite of products. No UI hopping. No painful installation and support.
  • Financial Controls and Visibility – Multi-tenant support, cost control plans and bundles, with both aggregated and drill down cost and usage reporting.
  • Applications Supported – Works with many types including batch, N-tier, cluster such as Hadoop, as well as technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Java, Thick–Client, .NET, and more.

So, if you want to add app stack deployment to your vCenter environment, or want to have one platform that manages across vCenter and other cloud environments – you need to see a CliQr demo to see how easy it is to get the application-defined advantage.

Additional resources:

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