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CloudCenter Multi-Tenancy – You have Options

CloudCenter is a multi-tenant solution that delivers a flexible mix of isolation and sharing, that allows you to balance user agility with administrative visibility and control.

CloudCenter is an application-defined cloud management platform. It is purpose-built to manage multiple applications, deployed to multiple clouds, for multiple groups of users.CloudCenter flexibility supports both Isolation and Sharing

It supports a wide range uses for the typical enterprise IT organizations, from simple application migration, to DevOps automation across various cloud environments, and dynamic capacity augmentation within or between clouds. And, is the foundation for a comprehensive IT as a Service strategy.

To support the complexity and broad range of hybrid-cloud use cases, CloudCenter offers several multi-tenant models that give IT architects and administrators a range of options, from simple to complex, for configuring and controlling both isolation and sharing within or between groups of users.

Enterprise IT customers can easily use multi-tenant capabilities to implement powerful isolation when needed. But CloudCenter also provides easy to configure granular control over how much sharing occurs among users and groups within a tenant, and between tenants and sub tenants.

Full Isolation. With CloudCenter each tenant can be fully isolated from other peer tenants. In this way, two completely independent business units can use a single CloudCenter instance while strictly separating tenants.

Flexible Sharing. CloudCenter facilitates sharing within each tenant. Powerful features for sharing application profiles, application services, deployment environments, and more multiply the speed and agility benefits of an application-defined management solution.

Partial Isolation. CloudCenter offers an option for partial isolation between parent and child tenants. There are cases in which a central IT organization offers shared services, delivered either on premises or via cloud service provider, that are consumed by various business units that are otherwise independent. For otherwise independent IT departments, central IT may want to enforce OS image standards, require use of specific artifact repositories, or have a common rules-based governance framework.

Three Deployment Models

These combinations of isolation and sharing enable three primary deployment models:

1 – Single Tenant – This model is appropriate for a centralized organization that doesn’t need isolation between users and user groups.

2 – Peer Tenant – This model is appropriate for an enterprise IT organization that has a decentralized IT team and wants to obtain cost and operational efficiencies by using one platform for managing applications, clouds, and users.

3 – Sub Tenants – 
This model is appropriate when one central IT group offers shared services to otherwise independent IT groups that may offer their own additional IT services to their respective organizations. But since the sub tenants are peers, they are otherwise isolated. Each tenant can be managed independently, but consume centrally delivered services and standards, and also roll up cost reporting from those lower in the hierarchy.

Many cloud service providers already rely on CloudCenter as the backbone of their multi-cloud service delivery systems, offering shared services to multiple completely isolated customers who are tenants in a single CloudCenter deployment. But for enterprise IT, these powerful tenancy capabilities reduce costs and increase operational efficiency, while implementing various degrees of isolation or sharing.

For more information download whitepaper – CloudCenter Multi-Tenancy

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