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CliQr supports ServiceNow – Any Application, Any Cloud, as a Service

CliQr is excited to be demoing our integration with ServiceNow at the Knoweldge15 conference, April 20-22 in Las Vegas. The conference theme is “Everything as a Service.” Customers currently leveraging the awesome power of the ServiceNow platform can now easily add provisioning of any application on any cloud, to their service catalog.

I worked with many of the founders and early employees of ServiceNow at Peregrine “back in the day”. Their successful efforts developing client-server era Help Desk and IT Service Management solutions at Peregrine has helped guide their even more successful cloud-era IT Service Management, IT Operations Management and IT Business Management solutions at ServiceNow.

On my proverbial :C drive (now cloud drive), I have 15-year old service catalog presentations and datasheets that promise the same benefits of today’s powerful solutions.

What’s the point of my nostalgia?

We’ve come a long way slowly

The industry has been talking about delivering IT as a Service for THAT long. ITIL helped establish a common language for IT service delivery, but the technology limited the vision. For too long, the service catalog was a static list. Then, the service catalog items became links that kicked off tickets for manual response. Then the ticket kicked of a semi automated workflow with fewer manual tasks, followed by automated workflow with more automated tasks.

Just now are we at the point where the service catalog is a portal with a button that is linked to the automation and orchestration that delivers the service on demand. Now we can truly deliver Everything as a Service, including any application on any cloud, without the trail of tickets that flow from team to team like a bucket brigade fighting a fire.

In the “Uber era,” are we at the point where IT customers expect, and can get with one click, self-service, on demand IT services delivery?

Cloud Enabling ServiceNow

Service catalog with any application, any cloud

CliQr CloudCenter can easily extend your ServiceNow deployment to automate provisioning of any application stack, to any cloud, right now:

  • Without a lengthy professional services project
  • Without scripting each application for each cloud
  • Without refactoring application code
  • Without having to be an expert on the underlying cloud services and APIs
  • Without cloud lock-in

And most importantly, you can immediately increase customer satisfaction for developers, business users, and even IT groups looking to automate parts of their jobs – that all want to get what they want from IT, when they want it.

CloudCenter Highlights

Composite Topologies: CloudCenter supports a wide variety of application types, such as multi-tier, batch, and high-performance compute, as well as loosely coupled architectures provisioned via Docker containers. It also supports a wide variety of technologies, such as Java, .net, and Node.js, in addition to PaaS and IaaS services, such as caching, load balancing, and database services.

Cloud Portability: CloudCenter application profiles are cloud agnostic, so deployment to various datacenter and cloud environments doesn’t require expensive scripting or modification of the application. Deployed applications and related data can be migrated easily from one environment to another.

Tag-Based Governance Control: The CloudCenter unified governance framework uses tags that can be added to each service catalog item or assigned during ServiceNow approval workflow. Tags invoke policies that select the appropriate cloud deployment environment, control usage, implement firewall rules and security settings, and set lease duration.

Extend ServiceNow processes to the Cloud: Support existing IT Service management, IT Operations and IT Business management processes to now include any supported cloud environment. Key metrics update the CMDB with workload status changes; feed incident management with performance and log data; and link back to business service reporting with usage metering and cost data by user group, business service, or cloud environment.


Booth #627 – live demo of Any Application, Any Cloud from the ServiceNow Service Catalog

Datasheet – CliQr supports ServiceNow

To celebrate realization of a 15-year-old service catalog vision — client server, ITIL, Sarbox, virtualization, cloud, and one click app stack deployment across clouds — I’m game for drinks at the conference. Twitter @kurtmilne.

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