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CliQr Announces Support for Cisco ACI

CliQr is excited to announce the support of automated software defined-networking as part of the application deployment process through our partnership with Cisco. If you missed the announcement at Cisco Live, you missed hearing about how CliQr’s Cisco ACI integration creates an industry-leading solution that capitalizes on application relevancy to automate and optimize the end-to-end provisioning of infrastructure for applications.

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Some of IT’s biggest challenges today are managing the costs and complexities associated with supporting multiple applications across a mosaic of clouds. Without a tool to help orchestrate these complexities, companies tend to work through one or many of the following methods to deploy applications, end to end:

  • Completely Manual: A ticketing or IT service management tools is used to pass tasks between functional silos. This creates significant waiting time for the developer before they can get their resources to start working, with some customers reporting wait times up to four month and requiring admins to learn all of the underlying cloud nuances.
  • Partially Automated: They may be using a tool to dynamically deploy software defined networking, like Cisco ACI or VMware’s NSX by themselves, in the context of infrastructure, but these tools aren’t designed to also deploy the application in the context of various infrastructure environments. This means that the application has to be manually installed/configured or run an installation script once the infrastructure is provisioned. This has been known to lead to inconsistencies in installation/configuration and therefore more troubleshooting costs.
  • Cobbled Automation: Very advanced companies have built custom integrations between their infrastructure as a service tool and application deployment tools like Chef or Puppet. This has the disadvantage of creating highly rigid links between an application and its target environment. Changes to the application or infrastructure lead to required changes in scripting.

CliQr users are able to create simple, out-of-the-box application profiles where they can create infrastructure-independent models of any application. Once modeled, CliQr and Cisco work together to provide automated, end-to-end provisioning of compute, storage and ACI network configurations as well as the application and its set of required components – including middleware and application data or packages based on the application’s specific needs, characteristics and dependencies – all in one click and onto any physical, virtual or cloud environment.

  • Efficiencies
    • Simplify and accelerate the deployment and management of new and existing applications onto any cloud or datacenter environment.
    • Mask the complexity of increasingly diverse infrastructure environments and related management challenges.
    • Combining Cisco’s ACI and CliQr’s CloudCenter, users have a single platform that allows a user to graphically model any new or existing application as a profile once, enabling the automatic provisioning of all required infrastructure resources, network configurations and policies and the installation of the entire application stack and dependent artifacts.
    • Streamline deployment and management of application workloads to support hybrid datacenter and cloud uses cases including Cross- Environment Release Management/DevOps, High-Availability, Disaster Recovery and Capacity Augmentation/Bursting.
  • Security
    • The combined solution leads to new levels of network security previously not possible. The unique coupling of application topologies, app stack services, network configurations and settings provides end-to-end network isolation per both application deployment and individual application tier.
  • Performance
    • Generated by CliQr’s Application Profile, detailed information about the application’s topology and its full stack of services, combined with tag-based governance rules, work with ACI to optimize network traffic to improve application performance. For example, the network traffic for an application deployment tagged as “production”, would have a higher priority than for an application tagged “development”.
  • Visibility and Control
    • The combined solution provides continuous monitoring and a user interface dashboard that provides visibility and control from the application down to the network and infrastructure deployment environment from the perspective of the application and its requirements. Aggregating infrastructure, network and application specific performance and costs metrics, the combined solution gives user visibility of application health status and specific management capabilities including alerts and financial control as examples.

Cisco ACI, when combined with CliQr’s CloudCenter Platform, paves the way for a transformative solution that delivers the promise of true end-to-end application-defined lifecycle management of workloads in a secure and optimized ACI- powered physical, virtual or cloud.

Both the Cisco ACI and CliQr CloudCenter platform are commercially available in the market today as is the integration of the two.

Additional Resources:
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