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CliQr's groundbreaking technology makes it fast and efficient for businesses to move, manage and secure applications onto any private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

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CliQr Expands Into Asia

nos-logo_21CliQr, is very excited to announce that we have partnered with Net One Systems, a leading cloud builder in Japan, to distribute and support CliQr CloudCenter in Japan.

“Net One Systems aims at providing a fully hybrid, virtualized and abstracted Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure that will free our customers from the burdens of managing various ICT technologies,” said Chief Marketing Officer Fumihiko Shinoura of Net One Systems. “CloudCenter by CliQr is at the core of this initiative. By combining CloudCenter with Net One Systems’ advanced product portfolio for hybrid virtual data centers and network product portfolio for cloud service providers, large enterprise customers can now build an ICT platform that they can use efficiently and easily.”

CliQr provides a complete hybrid cloud management platform that enables businesses to efficiently migrate, govern and manage any application from a physi­cal, virtual or cloud environment to any physical, private, public or hybrid cloud. CliQr brings together the core attributes required for both simple and complex hybrid cloud computing including full lifecycle management, cloud portability, fast time-to-value and enterprise-class features such as high scalability, RESTful integration, security and policy-based federated administration and multi-tenancy.

“Japan’s interest and rapid progress in the adoption of cloud computing by both enterprises and service providers has resulted in an increased interest in the CliQr solution,” said Gaurav Manglik, president and CEO of CliQr. “Since CliQr provides everything needed for cloud migration and management on a single platform, it is being seen by enterprises that are starting their journey onto the cloud, as a great way to start simple and grow, while efficiently managing one or more clouds, applications and users. CliQr’s interest and success in the Japan market would not be possible without the active participation and connections one of our inventors, TransLink Capital has in the Asian market.”

“Cross-border partnerships between U.S. and Asia companies are critical to advancing information technology and cultivating innovation,” said Toshi Otani from TransLink Capital. “We are delighted to be part of CliQr and look forward to witnessing the success of initiatives, such as the CliQr-Net One partnership.”

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