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CliQr CloudCenter Now Supports AWS GovCloud!

CliQr government customers can now use CloudCenter to manage applications on AWS GovCloud. Come see a live demo at the CliQr Booth #33 AWS public Sector Symposium (June 25th-26th), or request a private demo.

Let me start off by stating the obvious– that many of you who read this blog can’t use AWS GovCloud (US) Region because GovCloud is for government agencies, private sector organizations, education institutes and nonprofits that have stringent regulatory and compliance requirements or sensitive data such as controlled unclassified information. Since you don’t work for one of those, maybe you think that means there’s nothing in this announcement for you. Wrong! This announcement is, at the heart, about how CliQr is continuing to expand the number of clouds we connect to natively (currently at 15) and the number of AWS Regions (currently 6). And, that we connect not only to public clouds, but also datacenter and private cloud environments. There’s no resting on laurels around here–CliQr’s goal is to keep your organization free to pick the best cloud platforms for your hybrid cloud strategy.

Now, for those of you that do work at a government agency and are excited about the prospect of expanding your cloud options, you know that there are some challenges. According to a January 2015 report by the Federation of American Scientists, some of those challenges are meeting federal security requirements, being able to make the migration to cloud, and managing a fixed funding cycle.

As you may know, AWS has released a purpose-built, isolated cloud (sometimes referred to as a community cloud) that can only be used by the government agencies, called AWS GovCloud (US) Region. Sensitive workloads can be moved into this cloud resource since it:

-Complies with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) requirements.
-Is the only cloud environment with provisional Authority to Operate (ATO) at security impact levels 3 through 5 of the DOD Cloud Security Model.

That’s all well and good, but you’re probably still worried about all the other challenges that go along with using cloud resources. This is where CliQr comes in. By placing CliQr CloudCenter in your environment to act as the point of entry for your users, you’re able to abstract away the complexity and risk that is innate to the cloud for federal agencies. Here’s a few examples of what we mean when we say reduce complexity and risk:

Model once, deploy anywhere
You already have enough to do so that duplicating effort by rewriting application stacks and having to learn other platforms is out of the question. When you use CliQr on top of all of your different environments, you model the application once and then deploy to any cloud environment.

Say your users want to develop in AWS GovCloud and then release teams want to move the app to a private vSphere cloud for pre-production testing–you can say yes to both groups without any additional effort! It means that the barrier to migrate applications due to vendor knowledge is removed which could also potentially help streamline the Assessment and Authorization process every app has to go through to be granted its Authority To Operate.

Stay within budget, stay out of trouble
You get a budget to spend on projects every year and that’s it. Going over budget is not an option (in fact illegal). Spending the whole budget in the first half impacts results and project momentum. In contradiction to your goals, cloud providers like AWS GovCloud will let your users continue to spend without governance. By making CliQr the user entry point, you get to select the appropriate cost plan, and set limits on the amount resources that people can use, therefore guaranteeing a consistent bill at the end of the month. *No variance or uncertainty to the project budget*

Take risk out of the decision
Finally, your planning cycle for projects is years out, but the technology landscape is continuing to change. Making a decision like a cloud strategy and vendor years out adds risk to the project because it’s a potential point of variance. Furthermore, if you’re the one leading the project, that’s risk to you. With CliQr, you get to choose from a growing list of cloud vendors to future-proof the decision. This year it’s AWS GovCloud, but next year you may want to use another cloud vendor that is approved for government use.

Encryption, key management and more.
CloudCenter is designed with comprehensive security features that allow you to get the most out of AWS GovCloud. CloudCenter encrypts data at rest and in motion. It offers advanced key management so neither CliQr or Amazon can access your keys. And is FIPS compliant with a FIPS certified crypto library.

We at CliQr are excited to support the AWS GovCloud (US) Region to help you overcome the unique challenges that government agencies have in moving to the cloud.

CliQr is easy to install and use. So even if you have just one application in GovCloud, you should consider CliQr CloudCenter.

-Visit us a the AWS public Sector Symposium (June 25th-26th) where we’ll be a exhibitor and sponsor.
– Request a private demo:

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