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CliQr CloudCenter 3.2: Migration efficiencies, expanded integration, and new management features

The new version of the CloudCenter offers a highly intuitive, integrated and a user-friendly platform that addresses the full lifecycle of migration, governance, and management of one or many applications, clouds, and users. CloudCenter’s new features fall into three categories including Migration Efficiencies, Expanded Integration and New Management capabilities. These features include:

Migration Efficiencies

  • Graphical Application Topology Designer: This new drag-and-drop graphical user interface enables users to build cloud-agnostic descriptions of application service requirements and dependencies giving users the ability to mimic architectural diagrams drawn with tools like Visio or PowerPoint. Drawings created with the interface can be immediately provisioned on any CloudCenter-supported physical, private, or public cloud.
  • Image Management: CliQr’s CloudCenter recognizes that businesses are approaching the cloud from different starting points. Whether migrating and managing a few well-known applications, or images of one or more applications and application components—CloudCenter supports ingesting both application packages and images for automated deployment and full lifecycle management across one or more clouds. The new release of CloudCenter has expanded image support that enables:
  • Image Import: Customers can now bring their own images to CliQr. Upon import, CloudCenter injects the images with its runtime agent so that applications created through the platform with the enhanced images are manageable and governable by CliQr.  The image is otherwise unchanged but now enjoys the benefits of any other application deployable by CloudCenter.
  • Image Transformation: CloudCenter can now transform images and fluidly move them between a variety of sources, target platforms and cloud environments including AWS, VMware, OpenStack, HP and more—enabling these workloads to fully participate in CliQr-delivered lifecycle management.

Expanded Integration

  • Expanded Integration Support: Additional REST API support makes it easy to integrate with existing tool-sets large enterprises may already have in place, such as SAML/SSO, New Relic, Sensu, Nagios, ServiceNow, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, and SaltStack.
  • Extended Cloud Services Support: CloudCenter provides cloud portability while leveraging each cloud’s unique infrastructure and value-add services. The new release expands the selectable cloud to now include AWS’ Relational Database and Elastic Load Balancing services as well as Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud SQL service. CloudCenter also enables applications to be moved between to other clouds without such services, when functionally equivalent services can be automatically substituted.
  • Support for Physical Clouds: CliQr now adds the support of physical clouds to its existing support of private and public clouds. Beginning with support for physical environments that are managed by Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) Director, CloudCenter can now migrate, govern, and manage workloads on physical clouds that automate machine provisioning without the use of a hypervisor, giving full access to a physical machine in minutes. To CloudCenter, this becomes simply another potential target for application deployments, giving customers additional flexibility when choosing clouds.

New Management

  • Software Lifecycle Management: Administrators can now create separate environments in CloudCenter to handle different phases of a typical software lifecycle. For example development, test, and production can be handled separately while applying promote and approval workflows within or between different cloud environments in order to provide improved efficiencies, added control and the ability to select different best-execution venues based on software release stages.
  • Financial Controls: CloudCenter extends its integrated billing, showback/chargeback features to now also include budget based capacity plans. Administrators can now create summary reports across tenants and drill down to see specific usage.

You can see a live demo of the CloudCenter platform and get more details at VMworld at the CliQr booth 216.

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