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Portable and Secure Containerized Applications with CliQr and Weave

Containers are here to stay. But multi-container networking and portability continue to be a sticking point preventing widespread adoption. With Weave, CliQr helps containers communicate across hosts and improves portability for host-spanning applications. Here’s how…

Containers are the current buzz in the technical world, and for good reason. They have many benefits over VMs such as:

  • Better efficiency with less overhead
  • Faster startup
  • Greater density
  • Increased portability
  • Improved consistency
  • DevOps-friendly workflow

This doesn’t mean that containers are without challenges though, as Shopify chronicled in their blog article about how they built containers that power over 100,000 online shops

One of the main challenges we often hear is that container networking and portability is difficult when applications consist of containers that are deployed on different hosts. Portability of complex applications is one of the main advantages of containers, and an absolute requirement for enterprise software development.

Docker containers across hosts

Challenges with Container networking today
Container networking, security, and portability are simple enough when all services are within one container or when all containers are on the same host. Docker containers are designed to be portable but have some limiting constraints that require a rare type of application where all services live within just one container and/or all of the containers reside on a single host. However, spanning the application communication across containers on different hosts, is where networking challenges start to arise.

CliQr CloudCenter supports composite topologies
CliQr is an Application-defined Cloud Management Platform, meaning that it defines the deployment and management requirements of the application and then provisions the required infrastructure to fit. CliQr’s patented technology makes it so that fully containerized or composite topologies VM and container) applications can be deployed to any cloud, based on the best fit for the application. As the image below shows, any application can be modeled, shared with other users, and then deployed to any cloud.

Development work can go to Amazon Web Services, test can be automatically put into Azure, and production goes into the on-premise environment—without having to rebuild separate templates or blueprints.

CliQr Cloud Management

Overview of Weave
Weave shares the same philosophy as CliQr, in that applications should determine how the infrastructure behaves. Since Weave is container-agnostic, your organization is free to choose the best of breed container technology, and regardless of how your application is written or where it is running, Weave will automatically build the networking infrastructure to the need of the application. Every container gets its own IP address, which enables secure, seamless communication between containers within an application. The nature of Weave’s software-defined networking means that the whole application is free to move to other environments and still maintain the same configurations and security of communication.

CliQr and Weave together secure communications between dependent container services
CliQr has included Weave Net into its CloudCenter product to ensure that complex applications with multiple services in different containers, as well as containers deployed across multiple machines, can still communicate seamlessly and securely.

With CliQr and Weave, end users don’t have to worry about knowing underlying networking concepts–the technology just works. Networking constructs are dynamically built based on the way the application was built in CloudCenter’s topology modeler. Ultimately, this ensures security and portability of the application, which is important when supporting an agile development process where development might start somewhere different than where the application will end up in production.

To enable these features requires nothing on your part as Weave, and all of its functionality, is delivered with CliQr CloudCenter. No installation means your organization gets immediate value, there’s no additional training, and no need to know underlying networking concepts–making adoption hurdles non-existent.

Having a direct integration with Weave also means that CliQr is able to give an elegant and tight solution where information from CliQr’s application profiles become the requirements by which Weave creates the network. Again, that means no barrier to entry for users looking get secure and portable container networking because the information they would naturally provide to model an application in CliQr is what drives the networking that gets built.

In summary, CliQr and Weave teaming up enables your organization to embrace container technology while keeping applications secure and portable in order to facilitate your agile development processes and get your products to market faster.

For more information about how CliQr improves your application deployment process, or for a demo, please go to:

For more information about how Weave is improving your container’s portability and networking, please go to:



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