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CliQr at the Heart of New NTT SaaS Solutions

One of the key strengths of CloudCenter is how adaptable it is to specific situations and a great example of that is the set of new SaaS solutions NTT i3 just announced, which uses CloudCenter as its foundation.

Collectively, NTT runs the largest enterprise cloud in the world and their goal was to create a common services portal across all of them.  And that’s exactly what they did, with CliQr CloudCenter as a key underlying component of their full lifecycle management for migration, benchmarking, governance, management, and an easy to use point-and-click application marketplace.

NTT clouds Plan, NTT clouds Migrate, and NTT clouds Develop are the three new products built on this platform that let businesses assess cloud workload suitability, move, manage, and secure applications on any private, public, or hybrid cloud environment, and better align operations and deploy software.  All three sit on top of the NTT Cloud Services Orchestration Platform (CSOP), which embeds CliQr CloudCenter that is integrated with multiple Single Sign-On and billing systems.

For the Migrate service, NTT has implemented a white-labeled version of CloudCenter that has been Single-Sign On integrated with multiple authentication engines in use by NTT and their customers.  All the power of CloudCenter is then on full display enabling NTT customers to build Application Profiles, determine the best execution venue with benchmarking, deploy applications on a variety of target clouds, and both manage and monitor the applications long term.

Similarly, the Develop service takes advantage of the CloudCenter REST API and software lifecycle management features to automate build processes for applications that can then be deployed across multiple clouds.

This suite of NTT i3 platforms is empowering the next generation of IT by making cloud economics more attainable.  With CliQr CloudCenter at its core, the solution provides unmatched portability and enables applications to not only be easily on-boarded but injected directly from the software development process into a variety of NTT hosted as well as independent clouds.  The result is an agile platform that allows businesses to act faster ant take advantage of all cloud solutions have to offer.

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