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Powerful New Features Included in CliQr CloudCenter 3.2.6.x

The latest point releases of CloudCenter 3.2.6 add powerful new capabilities that expand the breadth and depth of CloudCenter features. Versions,, and include updates to both CloudCenter Manager and Orchestrator, as well as support for new cloud services, architectural changes, security enhancements, and API updates.


CloudCenter Manager

  • Multiple Administrators per Tenant – Divide and conquer administration tasks within your tenant by having multiple administrators to allow for separation of duties in the tool. You can also count on the month billing report to take the potential of multiple administrators into account and report appropriately.
  • Attach Multiple Volumes – Enable more architecture flexibility within your application topologies through being able to attach multiple storage volumes to all tier types in N-tier applications
  • Storage as a Service – Based on your application topology, you can dynamically create NFS volumes per deployment, share storage across deployments, or give access to storage available to anyone in order to send logs or write output files to.
  • Termination Prevention – Do you ever need to make sure that an aging policy doesn’t stop or delete an application? This functionality will take precedence over tags that link to aging policies, and ensure that the machine cannot be stopped or deleted inadvertently.
  • Sync Instance Types – Changes happen as cloud providers battle it out with frequent price reductions. You should always have the most recent information to ensure proper utilization and cost profiling. Syncing instance types allows you to push a button and make sure that your offerings match the vendor’s as well as pull down any pricing changes.
  • VM Operations – Your engineering teams require control and freedom to work as they need. You can now give them more freedom to power off and restart their VMs, which can be key during the development process.

CloudCenter Orchestrator 

  • Support for Cisco Unified Computing Systems Director – UCSD integration is now enabled for you out of the box through the custom storage service.
  • Support for AWS Gov Cloud (US) Region – You can now connect to the AWS Gov Cloud (US) Region out of the box, for use by all government organizations that may, or may not, exist.

Security Enhancements

  • Password Rules – Keep your resources and users secure by requiring that passwords conform to password rules. This is available per-tenant.
  • Application Template Password Encryption – Rest assured that all of your passwords within application templates are safe now that CloudCenter encrypts and stores them in separate database tables.

New APIs

Updated APIs

API Improvement

  • JenkinsBuildID Global Parameter – You can now use a global parameter, %jenkinsBuildId%, with Binaries to be Copied when deploying applications using Jenkins.

Release Notes:

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