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CliQr's groundbreaking technology makes it fast and efficient for businesses to move, manage and secure applications onto any private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

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Seven ways CliQr saves you money in the Amazon Cloud

CliQr CloudCenter securely provisions infrastructure and deploys applications in more than 15 datacenter, private cloud and public cloud environments, including 6 Amazon Regions as well as Amazon GovCloud.

CloudCenter makes it easy for users to get what they want, when they want it by coming through IT to deploy applications to AWS. And it offers powerful governance features that give IT admins visibility and cost control that meet exacting standards of the IT organization. CloudCenter also saves you money as you move to the cloud, and has powerful features that cut costs over time.

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Easy to Get Started

Whether you are just getting started with your 1st application, or are already managing multiple applications in AWS, as well as other clouds, CloudCenter makes the upfront heavy lifting easy. CloudCenter can be deployed as either SaaS or traditional software deployment, and there is no need for a lengthy service engagement.

With CliQr, IT can offer AWS as part of a service delivery portfolio and avoid shadow IT.

To get started with deploying your 1st applications to AWS, you don’t need extensive AWS training or a deep knowledge of Amazon specific APIs or tools. CliQr’s patented technology abstracts the details of the AWS cloud. You can quickly and easily model simple or complex application stacks once, and then migrate on demand, and manage the full application lifecycle. CliQr securely deploys both infrastructure and application native to the AWS environment, but maintains portability of the application to avoid lock-in. And as your AWS footprint grows, extensive governance features give admins centralized visibility and control across boundaries of multiple applications, multiple cloud zones and multiple groups of users.

See a short video demo of how easy it is with CliQr to get started on AWS.

There are 7 ways CliQr CloudCenter saves money.

Saves money up front

If you have already made the decision to use AWS for some of your applications and workloads, then initial efforts are focused on getting your workloads migrated to the cloud. CliQr has several key advantages that help reduce the cost of that upfront work.

1 – Profile includes both application and infrastructure – CliQr’s application-defined technology defines the deployment and ongoing management requirements of each application. CliQr models both infrastructure and application requirements in a single application profile. Other approaches require one set of tools to deploy and manage infrastructure, and may include infrastructure templates or blueprints. But with this approach, you’ll need another set of tools to deploy, configure and manage the application stack on top.

With CliQr, there is one profile that includes both the infrastructure and application. The graphical topology modeler makes it easy to create an application profile from a wide range of out-of-box application services and OS images. You can specify resource requirements, easily customize existing images and services, or create or import your own. You can create an application profile without cloud specific scripting and without modifying application code. And, you can quickly prepare for deployment into the AWS region of your choice. With CliQr, there is one application profile and one management platform that works in AWS, and also works in your datacenter. That reduces training costs, and reduces the effort to prepare for migration.

2 – Benchmark before you deploy – Price and performance are inextricably linked. And arbitrary decisions can significantly increase costs over time. With CliQr, you don’t have to guess which size instance is best for your application. You can benchmark any application by simultaneously deploying an application profile on different AWS instance sizes in order to find the best value fit based on price and performance.

For a three-tier web app with load balancer, app server, and database server, there are many potential configuration variations. If you can figure out your application’s price performance ‘sweet spot’ by studying the AWS rate card, you earn a gold star. With a CliQr benchmark, you don’t need complex pricing spreadsheets or performance simulations. You can automate deployment of multiple configurations simultaneously, and measure actual performance and price to identify the best configuration and instance size for each tier. More details here and here and here.

With CliQr, you can reduce ongoing deployment costs up to 70%* without sacrificing performance by benchmarking each application on AWS.

3 – Spot pricing – You can choose on-demand instance pricing or spot pricing. Spot pricing gives you the option to set your own rate, and if spot price dips below your limit, your application profile is automatically deployed.

With CliQr spot instance featureyou can save up to 90% by bidding on spare EC2 instances.

Saves money over time

Amazon is a public cloud IaaS that offers great agility and scale. But costs can add up over time. CliQr offers some powerful features that allow you to be smart and cut costs for longer running deployments.

4 – Limit usage – Administrators can use a range of financial plans and spending bundles to control costs. You can set a fixed budget, pay per use up to pre-determined limits, or trigger approval workflow if usage exceeds limits. With CliQr, you can give users flexibility, but also make sure they don’t run up the bill.

5 – Turn it off – Administrators can set aging policies so that applications will automatically be paused or shutdown, and removed from AWS after a fixed period of time. With CliQr you can avoid cloud sprawl and only pay for what you use.

6 – Horizontal scale – On the other hand, if applications and resources are being used more than expected, you can set triggers and dynamically scale and deploy more instances to support the increased workload. You also have the ability to scale back when resources are no longer needed. You don’t have to over provision resources as insurance for periods of heavy usage. With CliQr, you can provision just enough resource and reduce costs with confidence that performance won’t suffer.

7 – Flexibility – In the cloud era, change is the only thing that is certain. Nobody plans to change their cloud strategy. But if the need arises to move applications in order to take advantage of price wars, or access better cloud functionality, or respond to a new business strategy, you don’t want to be locked in to a single cloud. You don’t want to have to pay to update deployment capabilities if you decide to use a different cloud. CliQr application profiles are portable. They can just as easily be deployed to any other cloud without having to re-do any work, or pay to transfer the application out of AWS. With CliQr, you save money by avoiding lock-in or having to pay to move.

Use CliQr CloudCenter for AWS

CliQr offers a powerful solution for those starting with one application in AWS, or those managing multiple applications, multiple groups, across multiple clouds. Our application-defined technology makes it easy to manage infrastructure and application in one application profile. And you can use one platform to manage environments across your datacenter, private cloud and public cloud on AWS.

With CliQr you can:

  • Quickly and easily get started on AWS (watch video)
  • Make it easy for users to keep IT in the loop
  • Maintain governance control
  • Save money migrating to AWS
  • Save money over time
  • Keep your options open in case your plans change

Request a demo to see how CliQr CloudCenter can simplify your cloud efforts.

benchmark of 3 tier Java app on various configurations showed cost variation between $0.50 and $1.75 per hour at 150 requests per second.


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