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CliQr's groundbreaking technology makes it fast and efficient for businesses to move, manage and secure applications onto any private, public or hybrid cloud environment.

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Why I Joined CliQr

I recently joined CliQr as Vice President of Product Marketing. I will be using this blog to share my perspective on industry trends, CliQr product details, and our customer’s success. So why, with my experience at multiple technology vendors and time served…

Performance Matters, Benchmarking Saves

The Cloud Computing Journal published a piece contributed by CliQr today entitled, Performance Matters, Benchmarking Saves that explores the importance of not just price, but performance considerations when making cloud placement decisions for applications.  Here’s an excerpt: Much like miles per gallon tells…

TechRepublic Q&A with CliQr EVP Dave Cope

In case you missed it, TechRepublic recently published a Q&A with our own EVP of Corporate Development and CMO Dave Cope entitled, “One cloud for your enterprise doesn’t cut it.”  The conversation centered on why enterprises are turning to multiple clouds as…

CliQr Receives 2014 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award

CliQr is happy to announce that TMC has named CloudCenter it’s 2014 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award.  Presented by Cloud Computing Magazine, the award honors vendors with the most innovative and beneficial cloud products and services that have been brought…

CliQr at the Heart of New NTT SaaS Solutions

One of the key strengths of CloudCenter is how adaptable it is to specific situations and a great example of that is the set of new SaaS solutions NTT i3 just announced, which uses CloudCenter as its foundation. Collectively, NTT runs the…

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